Daily Archives: April 26, 2012

The T-shirt Project April

The nice thing about starting a sew along at the end of the month is that I have all month to procrastinate think carefully about the next top.

cute twist  Boden

I think I’m going to try to replicate this Boden top.  I love Boden’s fun details and fantastic prints that they use.  They are definitely a frequently visited site for me as I Pinterest.  I love how this top could be appropriate for a backyard BBQ or a girls’ night out.  It’s casually elegant and totally fits in with my tiny costumed dauchsund, beautiful bread, wine, soup greens, and a Vespa image.

This top shouldn’t be too difficult to recreate.  It’s a crossover neckline with an added twist of fabric that looks separate and sewn and ruched into the side seams.  I might have to fuss around with the length of the twist so that it pulls without being tight but also not sagging.

I’m going to start with Jalie 2804 Jalie 2804 - Empire Crossover Top Pattern Coveras a base.  I think I will lower the empire line so that it will be 100% covered by the twist and also to make room for my full bust (I’ll have to add length also right under the apex).  I’ll be comparing this to my TNT even though I’ve made this top before because I made it when I was rather pregnant with Sam, and I’m considerably smaller now.  I do like that there’s the ruched sleeve detail on this pattern too–a fun detail when I’ve been contemplating summer.

So what has everyone else been making?  What’s your status on the project?