Daily Archives: November 26, 2011

Lounging Sweater

Once upon a time there was a cream sweater.  It was big and bulky with a shawl collar and came down to my knees.  It belonged to my Mom in the 70′s.  On a cold day in college I raided her closet and claimed it as my own.  I loved that sweater.  Every sick day was made better by it, brisk walks were improved when I wore it, and it had a faint stain of tea on one sleeve bottom because it accessorized many a pot of tea too.  Perhaps it was because it was slightly dowdy or because it might have waltzed out the door with me to my classroom on chilly days (for lack of something better), but one day, one sad day that stolen sweater got stolen back by its original owner.  The nerve!

Well Mom, all I can say is muwahahaha because Burda supplied me with a slightly more stylish and certainly prettier alternative in 1-2011-126.

I fell in love with this salmony sweater knit at Denver Fabrics a few weeks ago and knew it’d be perfect for this pattern.  It’s a little sheer, but it has lovely drape.  I had to grade down the shoulders and the neck and the sleeve which was annoying (so many lines!), but doable.  It’s inches too long and I still feel like even at a 34 it’s a little too wide, but as this is probably oversized anyhow and it’s not a garment that is really for making the house a little less chilly, that doesn’t bother me much.

I’ll try not to wear it out of the house too much, Mom.

My full review is here.