Daily Archives: January 17, 2011

Pattern mania

I haven’t left the pants.  I spent a good deal of time this weekend making up muslin #1, and I’m pretty excited how well it went (no pictures but they’re coming).  I have some more changes, some I can figure out, and some I need help for.  The tough mental work it’s taking to do all of this on top called for an easy project from Burdastyle’s September issue.  At first I thought there was nothing worthwhile in this issue because–oh, right, I was super morning sick and couldn’t process much of anything that month.

Modell Photo 

The Burdastyle turtleneck  09-2010-121

But seeing people go literally dotty over this pattern on PR (note 25 reviews since the mag came out in September and how many of those people have made this pattern 3 or 4 times) , I decided it deserved a second look.  Flipping back through my issue, I discovered that this and many other patterns in September are kind of great, but I’ll have to wait to touch any more of them until after baby.

Back to this pattern.  What’s not to love?  It’s crazy simple–3 pattern pieces and it sews up in maybe 10 minutes if you’re slow.  The turtleneck is not restrictive like turtlenecks tend to be.  There’s plenty of room across the bust, so you avoid the horrid uni-boob look [insert involuntary shudder here] that I always get in turtlenecks.  Add Trena’s genius thumbhole variation (which works for me perfectly with my short little arms), and this is going to be a cold weather staple pattern.

I picked up this mystery knit (poly?–but it didn’t smell horrid when I burn-tested it) on a trip last week to Denver Fabrics to get some pantsy kind of fabric for my class.  There was just enough in the flat fold for this project, and all told it cost about $5 even.  Though I said I was done sewing maternity tops, $5 seemed a worthwhile investment, especially since things are starting to get a little tightish and I still have 11 weeks left.

I’ll give you a preview of the fabric since I won’t be able to work on the top itself until tomorrow.

It’s like little baskets!