Daily Archives: January 4, 2011

Start with the right recipe

I read a lot of cookbooks. Tons. I have 10 on my reading pile at the moment–half are mine, half belong to the library. I use them too. One of my favorite parts of my week is going through a stack of cookbooks in a search for what I’m making for the week. Cooking calms me down and thinking about it plain makes me happy. Because I’m around food so much, I can pretty much smell a bad recipe from a mile away. You just develop instincts when you are around something that much.

That said, I have NO instincts when it comes to pants. Zero. I will happily rate myself a rank beginner in the world of pants. So yesterday, I just traced away haphazardly at this pattern.

Modell Photo

Nevermind that Burda’s largest size in this pattern was probably 2 sizes too small for my hips. I can add extra, right? Yes, maybe, but I have no idea how or where or why. The pockets are confusing me to boot. I should have started with a pattern that was not going to give me so many issues–especially since I don’t know how to deal with them. I mean it’s like asking someone to julienne 5 lbs of carrots having never picked up a knife.

So I’m scrapping it all and starting at square one again. I don’t just want to smash something together and hope that all my crazy adding will pan out. My experience in doing so has not been pretty.

As for my participation in Cupcake Goddess’ Trouser Sew-along?

I’m getting to it. I just need to go cook dinner to clear my mind first.  And after some delicious orange couscous and sticky roasted chicken, I will find a proper pattern to trace.