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Sometimes risks don’t pay off

I knew when I pulled out this pattern that the gathering in the sleeve caps, neckline, neck band, sleeve seams, and tucks in the sleeves seemed a bit far out there for me.  But it looked so maternity like.  Perhaps I’ve realized that though I’m carrying extra weight around, exaggerating it is just not my style.  Ugh.

The neckhole ended up being 5″ too big mysteriously (though it didn’t stretch at all whilst sewing it–nay, this interlock didn’t stretch anywhere like interlock usually does).  I will say that the neckline isn’t obviously oversized when I’m standing up, but it feels too big and it does gape a little bit at CB which is what happens on my body when the neck hole is too large.  These elasticated sleeves are ridiculous too and the general silhouette just make me feel like a big old barn.  I’ve only gained just over 1o lbs. more than half-way through too.  Why Simplicity do you make me feel so bad?  There are some bright spots in this project…

Simplicity 2850

What I learned:

1.  Trace another sleeve cap:  I did try to make this pattern work.  I knew that the excess of gathered business would be a gamble and might make me look more voluminous than I am (it did), so I decided to oust the gathered sleeve cap in an attempt to cut out some of the absurdity.  I measured the sleeve seam line on the pattern piece and went to see if I had another Simplicity pattern whose sleeve seam line matched that measurement.  Sure enough, S2364, a knit top with a smooth sleeve cap worked perfectly.  The measurements were within 1/8″ of each other.  I overlayed the 2850 sleeve over the 2364, lined up the edges of the sleeves, and all 3 notches and traced the flatter line from 2364 right onto the 2850 pattern piece.  I then cut off the excess.  Since I had already measured, I knew it was going to fit.  Indeed it worked in beautifully.  I’ll be looking to eliminate gathered sleeve caps in the future in such a manner as I dislike them vehemently.

2.  Tube knits are nifty:  The upside of this top being one that will not make it out of the 4 walls of my house is that I only spent 80 cents on the fabric.  It was a piece of cotton/poly interlock sold in a tube that was on the $1/lb table at Denver Fabrics.  I do love the color which makes it sting a little that things worked out so poorly, but my cheap heart is happy that at least financially this one won’t break the bank.  What I did learn is that tube knits make for really economical layouts if you have a lot of pattern pieces on the fold.  Because it’s a tube, when you flatten the thing out, you have 2 folds to work from.  Since all but 1 pattern piece was on the fold, I would have had to use a lot more fabric in non-tube knit.  The pattern called for I think 1 5/8 yards, and everything fit in just over a yard.  I’ll look for more tube knits in the future.  They are way more fun to work with than I anticipated. 

My review of the pattern is here at Patternreview.