Why I’m thinking more is less

I’ve had very little motivation to make my second skirt in my June plan (Burda 02-2008-111).  I haven’t been able to pin down why until I went outside.

It’s really hot.  Okay, not as hot as you poor dears in TX, and certainly not as humid (I do NOT miss TX summers), but after sweating through my shirt pushing about Noah in the CO sun, I’ve come to some conclusions.

I don’t want to wear close fitting skirts when it’s hot.  I’m looking at that stretch cotton in my stash and thinking I just might suffocate in it.  Give me a nice A-line made out of a breezy linen or something equally cool and I’ll be a much happier camper in the heat.  So I’ll put this skirt on the back burner until fall.  Until then, I will gladly be in my swishy skirt or something else with more fabric that allows the breeze to get to my legs.  And pass the iced tea please!

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2 responses to “Why I’m thinking more is less

  1. I love the design details of this skirt, but I have to agree with you that right now an A-line breezy skirt is a must. It is so sticky and hot right now in Texas.


  2. I agree with you. On the reverse side of that, this last winter I made a flannel half slip to wear under skirts and was amazed at the warmth. I really like the top stitching on the pattern you have in yoyr fall line-up.

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