Daily Archives: June 12, 2010

Use the right tool for the task

(Picture from here)

Yesterday I made a very simple insert for our duvet from 2 thrifted sheets and some cotton batting.  The normal comforter that we have in it year round is just too hot for the summer, but I hate sleeping under just sheets.

Things were going swimmingly–I layed out the sheets together with the batting on top and serged the edges.  I turned everything and started stitching my opening I’d left for turning open and I busted a needle.  It’s my own fault for thinking the 70/10 needle I’d been using for my black gingham shirt would go through 2 layers of sheeting selvages plus a layer of batting.  I figured–hey, what’s 10 inches?  Not my brightest conclusion…

So after some time unscrewing the bottom of my sewing machine, I spotted the wayward needle tip that had broken off.  I tried to get at it with a piece of tape and ended up jamming it in further.  More screws off and several hours later, it came out on its own.  After putting the screws back in their place, something got misaligned and Gnomey started making this awful squeaky whirring.  So Gnomey is in the shop.  :(  Sad sad sad.  Hopefully it will just be a little fiddling with the screws and things will be back to normal.  I imagine that’s what’s will happen given that we weren’t poking around or whacking anything about.

The Aesopian moral?:  The next time you go to do a job, whatever it may be, ask yourself if you’re using the proper tool for the task.  Sometimes you can get away with making do, and sometimes your laziness gets punished dreadfully.