Daily Archives: June 2, 2010

Sewing room update, part 2

As I said, lots of changes have been made to my sewing space.  The one that I’m a little tickled about is the curtain.  Usually for curtains I take a whole lot of Kona cotton and stamp it.  Sometimes I like the results (note my backdrop), and sometimes not.  The problem with Kona cotton as curtains is 3-fold.  1)It doesn’t drape well as it’s meant to be flat on quilts 2)It’s pretty opaque, which is great if you’re looking for privacy, but not so much if you live in a rather dark apartment and 3)The 44″ width means you’ll have to piece the curtain, leaving an awkward seam in your curtain and you’ll have to buy twice the yardage.

A couple weeks ago I was on the hunt for cotton lawn for a Burda dress I’m in the muslin stage of.  I found some really nice lawn at fabric.com and it is $4.19/yd!  I knew this leaf pattern would be too big of a scale for me to wear but perfect for the window.  At 58″ wide, I only had to buy 2 yards, making this a really inexpensive project.  The green makes me smile, plus it’s not too girly to share the room with Noah.  It lets in more light than the previous stamped Kona curtain did too.   

The biggest change was the table situation.  I’ve been sewing on a card table which is pretty unstable and not very space-efficient.  It’s actually so unstable that I damaged my serger when I first bought it.  I’ve since been dutifully serging on the kitchen table which is much more solid, but it’s made serging work rather user unfriendly.  In addition to having to move everything, it’s much harder to play defense with the baby and the cord at the kitchen table.  I’ve been haunting the thrift stores trying to find something that would fit both machines and give me just better space.  I was really blessed to find this amazingly solid conference table a few weeks ago for the whopping price of  $20.  We can stand on it and everything!  We did have to rent a truck for another $20 to get it to our place, but even at $40 this table is a bargain. 

Bonus–there’s room underneath to fit a filing cabinet to make easy, organized access for my patterns.  The box I have had all my patterns in has been repurposed for storing muslin fabric, which is a relief as my muslin fabrics are usually stuffed in weird places all over the apartment. 

At the other end of the table, there is space for another little cubby for fabric storage. 

Josey and Gnomey really are very glad to be together again. 

To cap it off, I covered a little jewelry box with some fabric using a glue stick for my little thread and serger detritus.  Before Noah, I dutifully cut every thread and tossed it in a little trash can at the end of my table.  Mostly he carries around the trash cans or slides them across the floor, so I’ve been trash-canless for a while now.  This is much better.

As I step back from this room, I realize that it’s all a culmination of a little dream that my husband got behind full force 3 years ago.  I’m so amazingly blessed to have him, and it’s been so fun to see how I’ve been able to really begin understanding who I am and whom I’ve been created to be simply because of his belief in me.  I love you Nathan!