Aw shucks

So the lovely, always supportive and encouraging Lauranie nominated me for this award.


The terms of accepting this are you must thank the person who nominated you (I did, but I’ll say again, thanks Lauranie!), paste the award on my blog (I’ll figure this here computer thingy out soon), linking back to the nominator, tell 7 interesting things about myself and nominate 7 others linking to them.

I will try and write 7 interesting things about myself that I don’t already blather on about here.

1.  I hate nail polish on my fingernails.  Hate. It.  I feel coated and like I can’t do anything.  When I was little I would paint myself up in makeup with my Gram and I’d either suck off the polish when I was still sucking my fingers or I’d bust out the remover (I DO love that smell).  I also like my fingernails nice and trim (all those years violining).  If they get beyond about 1/8″ in length, I go nuts.

2.  I’ve been playing violin since I was 7.  Other than my family and God, my violin has seen me through more stuff and knows me better than anything else in my life.  That sounds a lot creepier than it is.

3.  The vast majority of my foreign language vocabulary has to do with food (minus the 3 years of high school Latin that I took).  Blame it on the cookbook collection that I have and my endless reading that I do in food. 

4.  I’m a total solfege dork.  Somewhere along the way in high school a French horn teacher told my full orchestra that if you could sing it, you could play it.  I thought he was nuts until I was a freshman in college and I was forced to take 4 semesters of sight-singing.  Combined with a really excellent teacher my first year, I became fluent in solfege and my intonation as a violinist improved dramatically.  I hear tunes and I dictate them in my head (for instance the lyric from like Jackson Five’s ABC “do-re-mi” is actually sol, la, do which annoys me) .  When I went to do my master’s in music ed with an emphasis in the Kodaly method, this became a very useful skill.

5.  Growing up, I used to make clothes and accessories for all of my stuffed animals.  My most beloved subject was my little squeaky pig named Spam.  He’s rather barrel-like and has short little legs, so there were some fitting challenges, but I couldn’t be deterred.  He has a Santa costume, beachwear, an Elizabethan getup (for a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream I played for), a tuxedo, and outfits for every musical I’ve ever played.  Why don’t I have good pictures?!  I need to get on that.

6.  I’ve lived in CO 7 years and haven’t skiied yet.  Nor do I plan on it.  Accident prone already, the idea of strapping things to my feet and hurtling down the side of a mountain whilst others zip around me does not sound appealing.  Once Nathan and I rented a condo for the weekend near Aspen with friends and I cooked while they skiied.  It was a happy time.

7.  I’m not a good camper.  Once I got roped into backpacking in the winter without proper bathroom facilities.   It was entirely miserable.  After that trip, my motto has been and perhaps always will be, “No water, NO WAY!”

As for nominating 7 others for this award who are tres inspirational with their own beautiful blogs, here’s my list:

1.  Ann–for the lovely doll clothes that she makes.  Spam is really jealous of her dolls’ fine attire.

2. Sewbeeit–are these not the prettiest roman shades and bathroom ever?

3. Trudy–because she’s so encouraging and talented with her sewing and art and such a sweet Momma to boot.  She helps remind me of the things that are beautiful and I love about Texas too.

4.  Miss Emily–Trudy’s daughter.  This girl is amazing, I tell ya!  At 9 she sews, writes, obviously entertains and loves on her family and teaches people about her learnings.  There need to be more young people in this world with such kind hearts.

5.  Angela–a fellow Craft Hope person.  You can read about her sweet family and all of the beautiful things she makes.  Her kids are very blessed indeed. 

6. 10th Muse Studios–  She’s a very creative lady and very generous in sharing how she does things.  Once had a giveaway of her pretty pleated purse pattern just because.  How cool is that?

7.  Adrienne–holy cow she’s a talented sewer!    Check out her wardrobe collections in her sidebar.  I love her reviews on Patternreview…always helpful.  Plus, if her writing is any indication, she laughs more than I think anyone, and if that isn’t beautiful, I’m not sure what is.

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6 responses to “Aw shucks

  1. Thank-you, you are so kind to nominate me. I can’t wait to pass this on to some great blogs I read and find inspiration from. Love this post, hope I can think of 7 interesting things about me.

  2. I’m a solfege dork too! I played piano from the time I turned 7 but I didn’t have any theory until college. I could still sight-sing fairly well but that first semester of solfege I thought I’d died and gone to heaven, it was so cool!

  3. Thank you so much for nominating Emily and I and saying such nice things about us. This came as quite a surprise as I came to your blog today.

  4. tenthmusestudios

    Thank you so much! I love the photo with the wild blue makeup. Thanks for being such an inspiration.


  5. WOW!!! You are SOOOO interesting!! And I knew that about you…but THIS interesting…GAH!!! I am going to have to look into this solfege SOUNDS awesome! My 7 yo will start piano lessons as soon as I have the piano tuned…we moved it recently and it needs to “re-settle”!! Just think of the years you are saving her by mentioning this to me!! HA!

  6. I’d just like to say that weekend at Aspen when you cooked and I skied was indeed a happy time!!1

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