E versus the blue dress

This, the last piece for my dear pregnant friend was doomed from the get go.  Why?  Who knows?  Maybe we all just burn the toast now and again.  Such was the case here.  Normally, I don’t like pointing out everything I screwed up, but this time, I’m going for it because it’s probably therapeutic.   

Butterick 5244

A whole lotta sighing and oy-veying going on:

1.  Welt pockets:  Not having done welt pockets before, I knew that these were going to be challenging (and they were), so I should have practiced on scraps first, but I didn’t.  I managed to sew part of the pocket bag backwards, so when I turned the pocket, for the pocket to come together it had to be on the wrong side of the fabric.  Thankfully this is a double knit.  I suppose I could have reattached that little bit, but I improvised another solution before I thought about that and honestly I think it would’ve stretched the whole thing out and looked even worse.  So all I can say about the pockets is–at least they’re functional.  Just don’t look too closely at the front or the back…well, really, don’t look at all.  Perhaps my photo should look more like this to protect the guilty. :)

2.  Center Back Seam: Since my front piece was now inside-out, I thought I’d make the back inside out too.  So I grabbed my back pieces and recklessly sewed down what I thought was the CB seam and happily finished off the seam, grateful that I could just do something simple after the mess with the pockets.  When I went to match it to the front, the sides were mysteriously several inches shorter.  Confused and beside myself, I took a good look at what I had sewed and realized that I had sewn the side seams of the back together.  Whoops!  Out the seam ripper came and I watched one of my favorite Britcoms to try and make the process less depressing.

3.  Alterations gone wrong: in my honest efforts to try and make more room for baby, I didn’t taper my extra length to the side seams, so I ended up with the extra inch on the bottom of each side seam.  To fix it, I aligned my front at the side seams and the CF and whacked off the excess, tapering on down towards the center.  Not precisely pretty, but what can you do?

Things that really weren’t my fault:

1.  Raglan sleeves:  Normally I love raglan sleeves.  It’s always so nice in the middle of frustration to align the seam and zip zip zip your way into a lovely sleeve in a couple of minutes.  That being said, these sleeves are E-NOR-MOUS.  Very baggy.  I have no idea who these would look nice on.

2.  Yoke/collar:  There’s a yoke AND a collar on this thing.  I didn’t have some of the problems that other people did with having a big gap at the CB with the collar like others did on PR, but my collar points do stick up a bit at the back.  The worst of it though is that this whole yoke/collar combo is super super bulky, especially since there are tabs sandwiched in there and a very gathered front.

3.  Funky tabs:  What originally drew my eye to this pattern in the first place ended up evoking an owl.  Strange, kids.  Strange.

At the end of it all, I decided I deserved a bit of Kashmiri Chai(I made it with almond milk and without the gin because it’s gross and things aren’t THAT bad), and I happily tossed out the pattern in the trash.

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One response to “E versus the blue dress

  1. Wow girl…it doesn’t look bad at ALL in the picture! Can we get a picture of it on her? The tabs look sooo cute! I say “GOOD JOB”, because you learned some things…tried NEW things, and actually finished it!! YAY for E!!

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