Pretty in Pink?

So I finished 1 of the 2 dresses out of that I’m making for my friend yesterday.  This is Butterick 5245 in a cotton candy drapey rayon blend.  This was another pattern I made for myself when I was pregnant and it worked out so well I thought I’d give it another go for V.  I made a couple of changes though.

Butterick 5245

What I learned:

Princess seam FBA’s:  This was something I should have done when I  made mine, but I didn’t know any better.  I followed Sandra Betzina’s super simple method for FBA’s without a dart on princess seams in Fast Fit.  I had to guess a little on the bodice lining because it’s only 1 piece and the bodice front is 2 pieces.  At the end, I put the extra space in the same location on the bodice lining that it was on the front 2 pieces and made sure that it was as wide as the edge of the front front bodice piece.  It worked out pretty well–I had a wee bit of extra fabric that I happily whacked off.  This was a pretty forgiving pattern because of all of the gathers.  I feel like I made the alteration without really understanding what I was doing, so I’ll be revisiting this one in the not-too-distant future.

Pressing up a hem:  this is an addendum from my last post about marking hems before you start constructing.  I pressed up the hem to the basting line and it saved me even more time as Deepika said it would.

Length and width:  I followed this tutorial on adding length and width to the front for maternity on the advice of Assorted Notions.  This should make more room for baby, and as far as I can tell, it’ll be fine, but without V right next to me, it’s hard to know precisely how this will fit.  Am I the only person who freaks out and thinks that what you make will never fit it’s intended person despite all the measurements you painstakingly take?

Overall it came together really quite fast.  I hope V likes it.  It’s really really pink.

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2 responses to “Pretty in Pink?

  1. Good for you! It looks great.

  2. Once again..great info!! Thanks for always thinking of us! :D LOVE the color!

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