Daily Archives: December 16, 2009

The I.C. in the W.C.

In general, neither I nor my husband is too batty about babyproofing things.  I watch my son like a hawk (I know you’d be proud Mom), and they have to figure out that hot will burn you sometime, right.  That being said, I’m not nearly so negligent, and we keep the truly dangerous items well out of the way…like the iron.  Heavy, steam-shooting, and attached to an irresistible cord, it is simultaneously an item of fascination for my son and an object of horror for me.  And me, being the stubborn type with a just-do-it mentality am not willing to give up sewing.  So what’s a girl to do when one of your most essential parts in your sewing arsenal can’t be left unattended?

Build an I.C. (ironing closet)!  Thankfully, we have a second bathroom whose tub has been used less than 10 times since we moved in–a few times when they had to repair a leak in the ceiling in our bathroom and a couple more times when my brother-in-law has visited us.  This sad little tub has been the scene of much craft storage.  It held Tina, my dress form during my pregnancy when she was entirely not my size (she mysteriously shifted her weight though, and I can’t decide if she looks pregnant or what my Mom affectionately terms “menopausal” now), lots of screenprinting gear, I’ve dyed things in there…etc.  So it was a natural choice when we were puzzling through what to do with the iron. 

Good things about an ironing closet:

  1. The iron is far away from baby.
  2. I made up a little strand of lanyard pieces hooked together that the cord runs through so it is suspended high above where it is enticing to baby.  This little job has the bonus feature of keeping the cord off of the fabric so it doesn’t tangle.  
  3. The sides of the tub are excellent places to store my pressing ham, my sleeve roll, and a spray bottle.
  4. Not being a napper myself, when Noah’s out for a nap, I will work so non-stop that I will forget to use the facilities…hey, they’re right next to the ironing board!  So convenient.
  5. My toilet is now cleaned daily because Noah will scale it to see what I’m working on, and baby + toilet is not an equation that sounds too pleasant to me.
  6. I can shut the door to the bathroom, which lets me leave the iron on like I need it to be but keep the baby out.
  7. It’s a bit of a conversation piece when we have guests.  ;)
  8. When I’m done I can pull the curtain and, tada, it’s all gone.  

Less good things about the I.C.

  1. My ironing work is a little far from me what with the lip of the tub.
  2. It’s a bit dark in there.  This can be remedied with some of those fancy contraptions people call lights.