Daily Archives: June 13, 2009

A couple of maprons

I’ve been wanting to do some block printing on some aprons, so in between Noah eating, I managed to sew these aprons which, being much more masculine in nature, I’ll refer to as maprons. I won’t say what they’re for in case I might reveal something to their recipients who might happen upon this post.  I used my silverware stamp that I carved to print on them with screenprinting ink and some fabric paint. I learned several things about printing this week:
1.  You need to protect your work surface because even though you’re printing on your (nice) garage sale college boy table of your husband’s and even though you have a fabulous collection of vintage tablecloths to cover said table, blue screeprinting ink still leaves a mark.

2.  Stamps aren’t fond of printing on uneven surfaces, so that pocket that you so brilliantly placed in the middle of your design is going to need to be painted by hand after you stamp it to fill in where it didn’t print.

3.  Block printing with a newborn is not the most intelligent thing you will have ever tried to do because not only will he get upset upon not being able to see Mom over the couch, but all of that paint will dry completely on the stamp before you get back to it.

All of that in consideration, I’m pretty happy with how these turned out and I’m glad to be using this stamp for other projects.



I also made a pie for the final episode of Pushing Daisies that airs tonight (sad, sad, sad).  I’m enjoying this wee foray into piemaking.  I made two last week–the chocolate coconut that I posted and an old-fashioned apple pie that I made for a client of a friend.  I must say I love my little Pyrex pie plate–it’s just the perfect size for me and Nathan to eat without feeling like cows–plus it’s cute to bake in a pink dish.  As I was baking my cherry berry pie last night, I said to Nathan, “Why on earth did it taking Pushing Daisies and vintage Pyrex for me to love pie baking?”  Nathan laughed and I added, “There’s a sentence that hasn’t come out of too many people’s mouths.”