You need to read this book

In my quest to make this dress, I decided I really needed to understand the quirks about my own figure.  I’m hooked on sewing clothes for myself now, so I owe it to myself to be educated about fit.

Enter Fit for Real People.  I read some reviews on Amazon about it and it sounded like a good reference book, so I bought it.  I had no idea just how comprehensive or useful it really is. I feel like I blindly found the equivalent of Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  I think after I read this I’ll really have a good working understanding of how to fit patterns to me.  I really love the “you can do it” tone that it has and that their method does NOT require you to make 800 muslins for each dress you make.  Honestly, I’ve never been able to justify the waste of that much fabric.  I’m sure this method is not full-proof, like anything, but it sounds like it fits my personality/the way I problem solve much better than traditional approaches to fit issues. 

Apparently there’s a DVD that they made too–my library has it, so I put it on reserve for myself for kicks and giggles.

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