Daily Archives: April 30, 2009


It’s not like me to put things off, but when I do, I usually do it in a big way. Currently I’m putting off packing the bag for the hospital even though I’ve had a few nights in a row of contractions (they stop before anything exciting happens). I’ve probably been thinking about it for a month. Why haven’t I done it? Who knows?

Today, my procrastination took me to the bookstore first thing in the morning where I read the newest book by my favorite food writer from cover to cover (not really about food and not her best work…Garlic and Sapphires is definitely my favorite).  While I was there I discovered just how many titles look interesting in the area of food writing.  After I finished reading I grabbed lunch and went on a hunt for a new pepper grinder because mine bit the dust–or rather it was turning my pepper into dust until it stopped working entirely.  I found a great mill, but I will try to find it less expensively online.  As I was walking, I stopped at this wonderful paper store where I found this fun paper:


I haven’t decided if I want to cut this up and frame the individual fruits (that would be a lot at 16!) or to just frame it as a poster.  At home now, I’ve probably played more Rocket Mania than is proper and I’m reading Beyond the Great Wall, which is by two of my most favorite cookbook authors of all time.  Nathan got it for me for my birthday, but I haven’t officially sat down to plow my way through it with a pot or two of tea and a mind for travel.

All of this so I avoid packing my bag…perhaps I’m avoiding it because that will be the moment when I must accept that this whole labor thing is going to happen.  I feel remarkably at peace about it, but I think there’s part of me that’s hanging on to the state of denial.  I printed out the spreadsheet I made that lists everything I need.  I’m going to do it today.  Really.  I think I’ll vacuum first. :)