I’m rather glad I wrote this a couple of days ago.  We went to all our baby classes this weekend and my brain is pretty shot, but I’m glad to have something to post (perhaps I should follow my own advice in #2 below).  Having been tagged by Lauranie, one of the wonderful ladies at Sew Mama Sew, here are 7 things I love in no particular order of importance.

1. My family–I love my husband and how he loves me and this little baby who has yet to make an appearance (can I count down the days from a month yet?). He’s going to be an awesome Dad…but I knew that and that’s one reason I married him. I also have wonderful, loving, supportive, unselfish, wise parents who each sport a cheeky sense of humor. I am really blessed. I love my bro and my sister-in-law and my sweet niece and nephew. Being an auntie is the best.
2. Tea–when life chucks a whole lot of lemons your way, have a cup of tea. You’ll feel better. Really.
3. Cooking–during no thing except prayer is my mind clearer and more at rest than while cooking.  Cooking with other people and teaching others how to cook–that’s even better.  That’s how I spent my birthday last weekend.  We had our two sets of engaged friends over and I had led a strudel workshop.  I made dinner too–what, work on your birthday?  My friend’s fiancee took pictures which are on his blog.  Cooking is not work at its best for me–it puts me at ease. 
4. Music–there’s always some in my head playing. Opera, polka, jazz, hymns, even jingles from commercials I saw when I was a kid–it’s all in my head giving color to the day.
5. A good cozy place in a library and a big fat cookbook–when you have music playing in your head all the time, sometimes you need a quiet place to turn your head off.
6. Sewing–it feeds my love of color and textures and helps let my creativity flow when I can’t cook or listen to/play music. It’s also slowly redeeming my experience in 9th grade geometry with a teacher who really didn’t know how to teach that which she loved so much.
7. Travel–it’d probably freak my Mom out to know that I like taking long walks alone while traveling (often seeking out tea or food), but I appreciate the way that travel makes you go beyond where you are and see things from a different perspective. In those moments, you find out a lot about yourself and about people in general.

Additionally, I will tag Ann and Susie.

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2 responses to “7

  1. Cooking doesn’t make me feel like my mind is at rest – I guess expecting impending disaster to strike at any moment ruins the experience…

  2. I found your blog via sew mama– the “seam ripper” comment made me laugh and filled me with some sewing hope:)

    Oh, I love that bag! And good folks fabric is so yummy– it is one of the reasons I (just) bought my first sewing machine…in hopes of being able to take advantage of such lovely patterns some day!

    Enjoy these last few weeks before your delivery…there is something so special (okay, okay, as well as big and uncomfortable) about that time!

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