Daily Archives: March 22, 2009

The joy of a good hem

Why do fresh hems always feel so nice after you put them on?

I bought a pair of maternity capris today because it’s like 75 today, and I figured if this loveliness were going to continue, I should be prepared.  Since I am NOT 6 feet tall with skinny little legs, I decided the pants really needed to be long shorts so as to avoid chunky leg syndrome.  So I folded over the cuffs once and cut all around the legs plus 1/2.”  I then sewed the raw edge of the cuff to the inside of the new bottom edge, pressed it, flipped the cuff over and topstitched on the top already finished edge of the cuff.  The result?  A new pair of shorts that look like they’d always been meant to be that way.  And pants that were not originally made to be flattering on someone my height suddenly become very wearable through a tiny bit of customization that took about 20 minutes.  Yea!

“Mrs. George Sutton pinning the hem of her daughter Christies’ dress while her daughter Sally watches.” From Nov. 1956 Life