Daily Archives: June 25, 2008

I hate photo emulsion

Well, I don’t really hate photo emulsion–it’s a great thing when it works, but I need to take a class because trying to figure it out on my own is a little more than frustrating.  My accordion print only partially burned, so I tried burning it again and the lamp cracked the glass somehow.  Photo emulsion definitely is the best screenprinting method for really detailed work, it just has what seems like this monumental learning curve.  The worst by far is trying to clean the emulsion out of the screen.

You would think that reclaiming a screen for screenprinting would be a relatively easy process–and true enough, MOST of the photo emulsion comes off in one pass…but not all of it.  Some of it clings for dear life to the screen and it will fight vehemently to stay there despite all your scrubbing and rinsing and soaking and scrubbing.  I hate chemicals…I do everything humanly possible to avoid chemicals in cleaning, in makeup, in my food, but I’m about ready to throw in the towel and buy the stinkiest chemical I can if it means my screen will come clean.  I’m ranting, I know. 

When I finally DO get my screen clean today, I will try the screen filler/drawing fluid method.  There’s a really cool tutorial here.  This seems pretty foolproof, and since my print is so small, it’s probably a good solution for me today.  And I don’t want to deal with procuring another piece of glass today.   

No more wrapping tears for me

Amy Karol at AngryChicken put up this amazing image showing techniques for Furoshiki, the art of Japanese cloth wrapping.  I can’t wrap presents without weird corners, which causes my perfectionist self to cry a lot while wrapping presents.  Plus, the mountain of crumpled and torn paper causes the neat freak in me to scream/be tremendously overwhelmed with mess.  So, what a lovely idea, wrapping things instead in cloth that can be used again for more wrapping or something else.  No more mental meltdowns.  Yay!

Apparently this image is from the Ministry of the Environment Government of Japan (sounds kind of 1984 to me–but this is a really cool idea).


I really like the two-book fold.  It looks just like a handbag.

I made a huge blockprint for my Mom, at her request of a dahlia-ish stamp that I carved.  It turned out really well–I’ll post a picture when I have a camera again…  I would try and wrap this lovely thing in fabric, but it’s about 3′X5′, and I’m sure I don’t have that much fabric handy at the moment.