Daily Archives: June 10, 2008


Silkscreening is neither quick nor easy as I have discovered.  I burned my image only to discover that it had been overexposed and the image only partially washed out.  So I destenciled the whole thing, scrubbed it, let it dry, put on emulsion again, let that dry, exposed the image again, overexposed it again and repeated the whole process one more time before we figured out that the exposure time on my directions was nearly twice what it needed to be.  Third time was the charm and the image turned out really well.  Somewhere in all this, I decided a hair dryer was an essential tool and miraculously, things have been going much faster today than the past two days have. 

Printing a repeat image is a little tricky, and I messed up my registration marks that I so carefully measured.  They’ve still been helpful in eyeballing where to put the next one, I’ve just had to make sure that I let the area dry before I print the continuation of the image because the screen overlaps by quite a bit.  It’s not perfect, but it’s been fun and challenging and I’ve learned a lot from messing everything up.  I’ll finish it tomorrow, and then that little ottoman will finally have a cover to it!  Yee haw!

Sadly, you cannot see the pretty light blue home dec fabric that I’m printing on in this picture.  It’s a pretty contrast.