Daily Archives: May 24, 2008

Ode to a Spatula

I loved this spatula.  It was my good friend for a few short years.  I bought it on a trip to Santa Fe/Albequerque with my sweet friend Lisa a few Labor Days back at The Spanish Table in Santa Fe.  After much love, it met it’s end thus:

Thankfully, one of Nathan’s best friends lives in Seattle where there is another Spanish Table, so he graciously sent us a replacement.

And unlike the goldfish that replaces (like you’re not supposed to notice) the one that met an untimely demise when you’re a kid, (this never happened to me, it’s just the best example I could think of), olivewood spatula #2 will find a happy place in my heart and my utensil crock that was just as happy as when olivewood #1 resided there.