Monthly Archives: April 2008

Etsy shop now open

Hello all!  My Etsy shop is now open.  I will be adding items as often as I finish them.  There are more grocery totes on the way.  I’m working on a small messenger bag for myself.  If I like it, I will make some for the shop as well.  To kick my Etsying off, I’m giving away this grocery bag. 


If you would like to enter to win it, leave a comment and I’ll draw a winner the night of April 13th.  Tell people you know about this–it’d tickle me pinker than this bag to give this bag away to someone other than my sweet friends and family that read this blog!

Amateur Food Styling

Tonight Nathan and I took lots of pictures of the bags I’ve sewn so far for the shop.  Here’s a sneak peek.  Tomorrow they will actually be listed at Etsy.  I’ll have a surprise tomorrow for you readers out there too!


Silly wordpress…

I so apologize to those of you who might have been reading this and seen horrible blurry images.  My photography is not super, but it’s not THAT bad.  My genius husband figured out that I needed to change some of the code so that the pictures behaved properly.  I think I fixed them on all my posts now.  That feels better.


I’m so excited for this book (just in case you couldn’t tell by the post it note)! 


I got it in the mail yesterday but I had a TERRIBLE headache, so I didn’t bother to look at it.  Mostly I’m excited to start stamping on fabric.  I’ve been experimenting with it (see the wee bit covering the table the book is on–it’s the same dandelion-inspired pattern I created for my curtain that I printed on blue fabric), but it would be nice to see how to really do it well.  I imagine before long, I’ll make some curtains and pillows and put them in my shop.  By the way, I’m almost ready to set up shop over at Etsy.  My store will be called Elizabeth Made This.  More about that tomorrow.