Much better…

I’ve had this fabric

for a while and have wanted to make a smock from Amy Karol’s book from it since but I just haven’t gotten around to it and what with the lack of chilluns in my house at the moment there has been no pressing need, but after the frustration of my last project, I figured–why not? 

So this cute little smock will go in a closet, waiting for little ones who are big enough to help in the kitchen.  I love this fabric (from Superbuzzy–I’m not sure they have it anymore)–it’s so hilarious–the dancing and singing gingerbread man jumping out of the oven and serenading bunnies, bears, and foxes, and deer. 

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3 responses to “Much better…

  1. I love that fabric. You did a great job!

  2. Ooh, good job! A smock is on my to-do list for my daughter. I keep ricocheting between sensible fabric choices and cute fabric choices, though…

  3. I love that fabric too. I used mine to sew a curtain for the door to my daugthers room. All our doors have windows in them for some reason, and it’s really not all that practical when trying to get a 3 year-old to go to sleep ;-)

    The tandoori chicken looks yummi, and the writlet is perfect! Maybe you are a gold-girl -you just never knew?!

    Found your blog via Allsort’s A post a day in May…

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