Daily Archives: April 9, 2008

1 Day until New York!!!!!

1 more day and I’m going on a trip for the weekend to New York.  My friend Tamara and I like to travel periodically to see operas.  Why opera?  Because I loved every time I’ve been a pit musician since my freshman year in high school and when I played in operas in college I just got hooked…a lot of the stories are ridiculous, but the music is so extraordinary in all of them. 

This time we’re going to the Metropolitan Opera in NY (I’m bringing back lots of tacky souvenirs and I’m not a tacky souvenir kind of girl–I’m just that jazzed about finally going to the Met) and seeing La Boheme–which is the same opera that Nicholas Cage and Cher go to see in Moonstruck (I love that movie).  So we will relive Moonstruck to an extent minus the big hair.  I’m excited.  And I’m really glad that I’ve been blessed with a sweet husband that lets me do crazy things like this from time to time. 

 Does an opera about tragic love make you this excited?  I would have to answer yes.  Go watch Pavarotti/Renata Scotto’s version of Boheme–it’s my favorite.

Don’t forget to enter to win the grocery bag I made in honor of my Etsy shop opening this week.  I’m still collecting entries until midnight Sunday.  I won’t be back from NY until late Sunday night, so I will post the winner on Monday.